My Work- Active Matters report


Who: All Users
What: Create an exportable list of all Active Matters within your resource.


1. Select Worklist from the main menu

2. From the drop down choose My Work. The My Work filter page will load shortly. 

3.  Select Matter from the View Entity drop down and ensure the View level is selected as Available to My Resource


4. Scroll to the Status field and select ACTIVE


5. These are the only refinements that need to be made. Click Submit to load the details. 

6. All active matters in your resource will fill in the Table section underneath with the following fields:

Matter Id
Matter Name
Work Type
Matter Status
Matter Start Date
Matter End Date
Matter Owner
# of Actionable Orders
Customer Name
Key Person
Alternative Key Persons


7. Select Export All Results to CSV to download the results in CSV format. 



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