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With the financial year now closed, it’s the perfect time to tie up loose ends and ensure all of your metaphorical ducks are in a row.

For Legal Panel Gateway users, this meant reviewing open or incomplete Matters and finalising financial reporting. If you’re one of the teams that have implemented our latest and greatest functionality, then this was set to be a whole lot easier!

In April this year, the LPG product team released the new feature Automatic Matter Closure. Matters can now be closed automatically if all orders under the matter are closed or cancelled for a specified length of time.


What’s the benefit of this functionality?

In the past, completed Matters have been left open within the system so that closing the Matter is the final checkpoint completed by the user. Moving forward you can expect to:

  • Streamline personal worklists by clearing out matters that no longer require attention.
  • Reduce manual handling as LPG now recognises when matters have met closure criteria, i.e all files have been viewed through the course of the matter. 
  • Matters now close as they have been completed, meaning more accurate and consistent reporting throughout the year. Currently, about 60% of matters are left open after work has been completed, which has a big impact on the accuracy of your reporting statistics!

 How do I know when a Matter will close automatically?

Matters are required to meet the criteria, or “rules” in order to close automatically, which are designated by icare and are composed of the following:

  • Define the invoiced entity that qualifies.
  • Define how long an Order needs to be in Cancelled of Complete status to qualify. 
  • If you wish to drill down further, adding an additional filter for work type allows for specific orders to have separate rules. 

Once the rules are in place LPG checks matters nightly for completed orders and determines whether they should remain open, or if they meet the criteria to close. 

 How can we manage Matters to optimise automatic completion?

Maximising the functionality is as simple as managing matters in a way that reduces the time from creation to completion such as:

  • Ensure the Area of Law is correct at the time of Matter creation.
  • Review your worklists often for progress on orders by the Provider.
  • Manage variations and claims from your My Work worklist.
  • Create a personal view in My Work to view documents uploaded to the matter as they are added. 

For more information on the Automatic Matter Closure functionality check out our in-depth support article here

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