Installing ConSol Mobile


ConSol Mobile is now available for both iOS and Android users with fantastic new features and functionality for subscribers. 


Installation on iOS

Download the ConSol Mobile app to your iOS device from the Apple App Store



Installation on Android

Download the ConSol Mobile app to your Android device from the Google Play Store



It’s important to note you’ll need to create a user profile on the desktop of ConSol before you can login to the App on the move.


Can I provide feedback?

We are very interested in hearing your feedback! User feedback shapes our plans regarding upcoming feature releases! Please send us any suggestions or support requests to our team for response and continual improvement to ConSol Mobile.


Will there be future updates?

We’ll be updating ConSol mobile with additional features and information regularly. To ensure you are always using the most up to date version of the app we will alert you to any changes. We also recommend switching on functionality to update ConSol Mobile automatically within the App Store or Google Play (not sure about that line)

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