Using Plan and Work modes


When you action an active job you are taken to a screen where you can view all the details of the job.  This is described as the Plan view. To undertake any actions on the job, you need to move to a Work view.  In the top right corner you can toggle between the two alternative views: PLAN and WORK




What is Plan mode? 

In Plan mode, the job is opened with the Summary tab in focus, enabling you to see job details, including the address and map of the job location, the due Date of completion, any special instructions and your customer’s contact details  The items tab will show you the items that detail the scope of the job, The documents tab is where you can view and upload any relevant documents and the notes tab is where you can view and add any job notes.


What is Work Mode? 

In Work mode, there are three tabs that identify what stage the job is at Arrive, In Progress and Wrap up.

Arrive: You are able to  add a photo, video or upload a file from your phone and note any relevant observations. The photos will have a watermark of the time, date and location.

In Progress: You will track your daily progress by updating the used quantities on items  and taking photographs of the job. When you have finished work for the day, press “READY TO LEAVE” to take you to the Wrap Up screen

Wrap Up: Here you add photos of the finished job and updated your items to correctly reflect the work you have done. You can now press “WORK COMPLETE”  if nothing further needs to be done on the job.  If you need to return to the site, press “SOME WORK REMAINS”.


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