How To: Complete my Work

Once you have completed all work on site, you are able to immediately update your job status to ‘Complete’ from ConSol Mobile, and take photos or videos to verify this.


To complete work on a job follow these steps:


  1. From the active jobs worklist, select the order you wish to complete.
  2. In the top right corner toggle your screen to ‘Work’ mode
  3. Select “Wrap Up” from the screen
  4. Take or upload any additional relevant photos to the job that may be required to support your claim.
  5. You’re now ready to advise your customer that all the work is complete! Click “Work Complete”


The job moves to the “Completed” Worklist within ConSol Mobile, should you need to review any detail or reactivate the job.


You can now login to ConSol on your desktop or mobile web to attach any other relevant documentation and complete the process of submitting a claim for this job.


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