How To: Request a Variation

When a job is "active" you can request a variation to either change quantities on the existing items or add new items.  This handy step allows you to keep your customer updated with what’s required  in real time, as well as ensure you have everything you need to complete a job correctly.



To request a variation follow the below steps:


  1. Click on the job you want to request a variation for
  2. Go to the items tab and press "Request Variation"
  3. At the Request Variation Screen, you are required to enter in a reason why the order needs to be varied. Eg: The amount of meters of pipe needed  to complete this job is 9 meters instead of 6.
  4. If appropriate, take a picture or video of the site to support your request.
  5. Select the blue ‘Plus’ sign to detail your changes.  Existing items on the job are listed.
  6. Tick the check box against those existing items in the Job that need the changing  OR search for a new item that you need to add to the job.
  7. When you have selected the item(s), press “DONE”.
  8. Enter your requested quantity for each of the listed items, then press ACTION
  9. Now you can either Press Submit your claim to customer OR Save for later.


Your customer will now need to login and approve the submitted variation request. You can view their response in your worklist before the changes are applied to the job, as they may require further changes or make notes to be read before moving forward.

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