19 October 2018 'Kappa'

This release is scheduled for 22:00 AEDT on Friday 19 October 2018.

Introducing: automatic project view closure

  • Project views are useful ‘containers’ for managing multiple related orders. This offers project management to occur at a higher level and to track works carried out by multiple parties. The project view status is a handy method for identifying whether more work is expected, all works are complete, cancelled and more.
  • System administrators can now configure automated rules that will automatically update the project view status based on order status. Configuration enables a matrix of invoice entity and work type to drive when the project view status is updated after all orders are completed or cancelled. This is available from the Customer Configuration screen.
  • A daily routine updates the project view status to closed (least one order must be completed). If the project view only includes cancelled orders, the status will not be updated.


  • A new ‘customer invoice item’ report is now available. The report enables users to report on invoices and items with multiple filters applied. All reports are available in various formats and scheduled delivery.
  • The ‘supplier invoice details’ topic now includes the customer reference field and filtering by contract number and relative dates, such as ‘yesterday’.

Approval manager email notification

  • Users with the Customer Approval Manager role receive email notifications when their attention is required on orders and invoices that have either been manually escalated or, due to delegation levels, automatically.
  • The email notifications have been improved to include job location and workgroup in the subject line.


  • Create new variation request service now assigns ownership of order to the requester
  • Variation requests can now be recalled
  • New services for creating and managing extension of time requests

Datamart v6.1

  • The inclusion of invoices has been improved so that a combination of status (existing) and order history notes (new) will determine whether an invoice is visible in the Datamart. This will address (in particular) recalled invoices.
  • If an invoice is recalled after approval and the claim is disputed, the invoice will now be included in the Deleted Events extract.
  • Invoices that were not yet transmitted are now visible to the customer in the Invoice Details extract as this behaviour replicates ConSol user interface.
  • Customers with multiple invoiced entities can now identify orders and projects that transition from one invoice entity to another using the Removed Entity extract (formerly named Removed Orders extract).
  • Orders that are not yet transmitted and cancelled will no longer be visible to the supplier’s Datamart
  • Document Details Delta will now use the uploader’s full name rather than ConSol username.
  • SOR Details extract will no longer include items that have been removed from a schedule.
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