Making the most of ConSol Mobile

ConSol Mobile provides a customised experience for service providers operating in the field on a smart phone or tablet. Once work has been issued by your customer, it becomes available for improved access to job details and documentation, image capture and watermarking, status updates and claim preparation. I'll describe the core workflow and screens to get you started.

Main menu

The main menu is your jumping off point to start working in ConSol Mobile. You can find jobs that are:

Pending: have been offered by your customer but not yet accepted or rejected

Active: jobs currently work in progress

Completed: work has been completed

Rejected: jobs that you chose not to accept



My job list

Your pending and active jobs can be viewed in a list format or as pins on a map. Whenever you click on a job list, you can toggle between the two views by clicking on LIST/MAP switch on the top right corner. Click on a pin to see the job details.



Plan screen

When you're in Plan mode, you can view a summary, items, documents and notes associated with a particular job. To get to the Plan screen, select a job from your list.

The Plan screen enables you to review the scope of a particular job. Once a job is offered to you (found in the Pending list), you should review the location, type of work, due date, priority, special instructions, compliance requirements, SOR items, documentation (such as CAD files, BOM/BOQ spreadsheets, photos of the site) and notes (dialogue with your customer) to determine if the job is right for you. If so, click the Action button in the top right of the screen to accept or reject.

You can return to the Plan screen on any job by clicking the PLAN/WORK button. Use this Plan mode to:

  • View notes made by your customer and add your own dialogue
  • Click and hold on the map to have assisted routing to the site
  • Open and share documents attached to the job



Work screen

When you arrive on site, access the job from your Active list. ConSol Mobile will show you the Work mode to record notes and capture images or video when you arrive, during the course of the job and when wrapping up. Images are watermarked with job and location details and named with the job status and, optionally, the customer's reference. During the course of your work, you can prepare your claim by updating the used item quantity. When back in the office to submit your claim via ConSol, all of the hard work is already done!



Taking watermarked photos

You can capture a watermarked image for automatic attachment to the order by clicking on the camera capture icon while in Work mode.


Once you have captured a suitable image, you are presented the watermark and an option to custom name the file. Click on the Name field to being editing the filename. By default, we use the work stage, such as 'Arrival'.You can click on the Job Description button to add the customer's reference to the filename. Every filename includes the date and time appended to the end of the filename. 

Once you have entered the filename, click DONE to save the image to the job.



Wrap Up

The final step in Work mode is Wrap Up. You decide whether you're wrapping up for the day or if the job is complete. If you clicked on Work Completed, you are informing your customer, in real time, that you have completed the job. Alternatively, if some work remains, you intend to return at a later date and can repeat the arrive, in progress and wrap up stages to keep your customer informed.

As you have been updating the used items on the In Progress tab, claim preparation in ConSol is fast and efficient. Log into ConSol to see the notes, documents, used items and more information captured in ConSol Mobile. Follow the steps to submit your claim and get paid faster. 


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