Update to minimum web browser security requirements

To ensure you continue to have a safe experience, we're updating our minimum web browser security requirements. This may impact a small number of users who do not keep reasonably up to date with their web browser updates.

What is changing?

To keep communications secure between Legal Panel Gateway and users, we will be ceasing support of TLS 1.0 encryption protocol from 17 August 2018. Web browsers accessing LPG must support TLS 1.1 as a minimum. LPG will attempt to connect using the strongest protocol available. This aligns with industry best practice so you're probably already compliant if you've not encountered access issues with other secure websites. 

How can I test if I am supported?

We recommend that all users visit lpg-uat.yarris.com during business hours and confirm that LPG's login screen is visible. No further action is required if the login screen is presented.

What happens if my web browser is non-compliant?

Those users who are attempting to connect to LPG using TLS 1.0 will be presented with a failure message and will not be able to access LPG. 

Non-compliant web browser experience


Supported web browsers

The following web browsers, with latest updates applied, are all supported by LPG:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox version 27 and higher
  • Google Chrome version 38 and higher

How can I become compliant?

Update your web browser to the latest version.

I need more help

If you have any queries or feedback please don't hesitate to contact us on 1300 YARRIS or submit a new support request.

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