Pre-repair and invoice financing with Onetick Technology (Arnie 5)

Arnie and Onetick Technology are partnering to offers repairers Pre-Repair Finance and/or Invoice Financing using highly automated tools to:

  • reduce paperwork
  • provide instant response
  • no application fees
  • funds normally available within the next business day

Invoice financing is not a new concept. Onetick Technology improves on the old method by using a smart, automated system to make the process easier and faster. The notes provided here describe how repairers can access pre-repair finance and/or invoice financing on a job by job basis within Arnie.


1. Login to Arnie

To access Arnie, open your preferred web browser and go to Once the Arnie login page appears, enter your username and password.


2. Find the Job

From 'To Do List', find and click on the Job for financing.


3. Pre-finance and Invoice Financing selection

The Job opens in the View Job page. Locate the options to select Pre-Repair Finance and Invoice Financing with Onetick.


For Pre-Repair Financing, select the checkbox and review the terms and conditions. Click Proceed or Cancel.


  • You can select Pre-Repair Finance before or after a quote has been submitted.
  • Arnie will automatically select Finance Invoice as Onetick may advance up to the amount authorised by the insurer.

Once the quote is authorised by the insurer, Onetick will provide a response to the pre-repair finance request via email.

4. Invoice Finance selection

From the View Job screen, select the checkbox 'Finance Invoice with Onetick' to select only this option. Repairers who selected Pre-Repair Finance will automatically have Finance Invoice selected. Review the terms and conditions and click Proceed or Cancel.



  • Select Finance Invoice prior to submitting an Invoice.

Onetick will provide a response to the finance invoice request via email.


What happens if the insurer rejects a financed invoice?

Arnie will notify the finance provider when a financed invoice has been rejected by the insurer.


If Onetick is selected for financing a job, will this change my default factoring provider choice?

Repairers have the option to select Pre-Repair Finance or Finance Invoice on a job-by-job basis without modifying the default provider. When a job is selected to be invoiced by Onetick, the default factor company choice is ignored.


Is Pre-Repair Finance or Finance Invoice available to sublet repairers?

Not at this time.

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