Acquire, Action/Release and Takeover buttons


Quick Tip article:

What does each of these options mean?



If this button appears next to a matter, order, invoice or document activity record, it means that no owner has been allocated and this record has not been actioned.

Click this button to become the owner of the record to let other users in your workgroup know that you are managing this record.



You have Acquired the record and have become the current owner to manage the record until completion. If you can not manage the record any further, or if you wish for other users in your workgroup to acquire the record, click the Release button.



If this button is present, this means you have the Supervisor access to your profile. This means you can Takeover matters, orders, invoices or document activity records from other users in your workgroup. Clicking this button will transfer ownership from the previous owner to your profile.


What if there are no buttons showing?

If no buttons are available, this means that the matter is either cancelled, closed or cannot be actioned by you. You can still view the matter file by clicking the matter ID link, located under the LPG No. column.



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