Recalling requests


Oops! Did you submit an incorrect request to your client and need to recall it back? Check out this article to find out how you can recall your requests back for adjustment and resubmission.


Before you begin:

You should have the basic operations roles allocated to your profile.


Search for your request

After logging into LPG:




1. Select the Worklist menu then click the Viewable option.


Action your viewable request



2. Under the Orders section, click the type of request you need to recall.

  • If it was a budget variation, select the Request for Variation (View Only)link
  • If it was an extension of time, select the Request for Extension of Time (View Only) link



3. Click the Action button against the order request you wish to recall.



4. At the View Order screen, scroll to the bottom and select the Recall button.




5. At the Confirm Recall Order screen, scroll to the bottom again and click the Confirm Recall button




If you recall a variation request, you will be directed back to the Variation Items Not Yet Submitted screen. Click the Budget tab to then click the Edit Budget link once more.





If you recall an extension of time request, you will be directed back to the Order In Progress screen. Click the Request Extension of time button to submit the correct date and reason for the extension.



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