Streamline your matter creation

Do you find it tiring having to enter the same standard information over and over again when creating your matter? There is a simpler way if you were to create a matter template! A matter template will streamline the matter creation process by pre-populating information that does not change, such as your client address details. Check out this article to find out more about how you can create a matter template.


Before you begin:

You must have the standard operation roles to create a matter template and matter.


Create a matter template

After logging into LPG:



1. Select the Matter menu and click the Create Matter option.


2. At the 'Create New Matter Wizard' screen, select the second button option called Create a Matter Template Only then select the Submit button.




3. The Create New Matter Template Wizard screen appears.

  • Complete the information in each tab (starting from the Matter Details tab)
  • Click the Continue button to progress to the next tab to the right. As each tab is completed, a green tick will appear
  • Click the Back button to move back to edit the information in the previous tab (to the left)



4. After you have filled out the mandatory fields in each tab, click the Create Matter Template button when you reach the Preview Matter tab.



5. Click the OK button in the confirmation pop-up box to continue.



You have successfully created your template!


Apply your matter template 



6. Direct back to the Matter menu > click the Create Matter option.




7. Click the Create a Matter button, then click the Submit button.


8. At the Matter Details tab, click the Yes button and then click the Select Matter Template button.



9. Click the Select link against the template you wish to use.


After selecting the desired template, the information defined and saved within that template will then pre-populate the relevant fields within the matter you are creating.

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