Expand your saved views


Are you finding it difficult to see the full description of each saved view when accessing My Work? Find out how you can update and expand the current default settings by following the simple steps in this article.


Access My Work

After logging into LPG:

1. Select the Worklist menu and click My Work



Update your settings

2. On the left-hand side, under VIEWS, click the SETTINGS option



At the Configuration/Preferences screen, you will notice under the Settings column, against the last two options, default figures of 5 and 15 will show.



3. Update these figures to 20 and 35 then click the Save button.



4. A confirmation message will show and advise that the changes have been updated successfully. Click the Back to Search button to return to the search page.


Now looking at your saved VIEWS, each has been extended in its description and the way it is displayed. This should make it easier for you to understand exactly what each view means, without having to click and guess.




Using My Work Views

Save and use views


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