13 April 2018 - v 14.2.62

This release is scheduled for Friday 13 April 18:00 - 22:00 AEST

Claim & invoice workflow improvements 

Cancelling incorrect payment claims:

  • When a claim is submitted incorrectly, it can be cancelled from the 'Submit Invoice' screen. After clicking the 'Cancel Invoice - Resubmit Claim' button, you will redirect back to the claim screen to either cancel the claim or readjust the incorrect items, rate or quantity for resubmission.



Split item for payment claim:

If multiple claims are submitted during the lifetime of an order, new order items are created automatically to assist with more accurate order value calculations. These are called 'split items.

  • A ‘Show Item Details’ tick-box will be available on the items tab and on view order screens. Selecting this tick-box will expand the item list to display detail of split items.



Order Item Values - Split Item for Payment Claim:

  • When a payment claim is submitted for an item where there remains an unclaimed portion of the item, a new item is created to represent the claimed portion of the item with the original item storing the outstanding portion of the ordered quantity.
  • If the payment claim is subsequently cancelled, the new item is deleted and the quantities of the original item are restored.
  • If a payment claim is submitted for an item that consumes the whole ordered quantity, no new item is created.


General improvements & fixes

Correction to order values:

  • Should a provider submit a variation on the order items, is then accepted by the client and then submits a claim, the 'Provider Variations' order total is incorrectly calculating variation requested + claimed amount. This will be addressed and corrected to only calculate 'Provider Variations'.
Note: Variations to items is not a recommended workflow process for LPG users. 'Request Variation' should only be performed on the budget. An improvement to remove the ability for item variations has been internally logged.


$0 claims produce invoice records in certain instances

  • In cases where $0 claims were being approved by a client user with no delegation, a $0 invoice record was being produced. This release will be correct this. 

Remove ConSol Mobile download prompt from LPG users of Safari on iOS

  • Users were being prompted to download ConSol Mobile when logged into LPG using Safari on iOS. This release addresses this issue by removing the prompt to download a program that is 



version 14.2.62


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