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A delay in processing budget or extension requests can potentially result in your provider being unfairly penalised for not being able to complete the work on time!


When your provider decides to submit a request for an order, either to increase the budget or extend time, they are unable to progress with that order until it has been acknowledged by the scheme agent. To assist your providers, follow these steps to address their requests and ensure the best outcome for everyone.


Before you begin:

These roles will help you get the results you need:
  • Matter Manager -  to approve an extension of time, you must be the matter owner.
  • Contract Administrator - allows you to action budget and extension of time requests.
  • Approval Manager - to approve budgets with an escalated delegation.


Access requests


1. Select the Worklist menu and click My Work




Filter the search fields


2. Select Order from View Entity.
3. Choose View Level as either:

  • 3a: Assigned to Me - shows a list of orders assigned only to you for action or release
  • 3b: Available to My Workgroup - provides you with a wider visibility of all orders that are assigned to other users within your workgroup. It also shows orders that are unassigned (no owner) and incorporates your assigned order records too




4. In the Status box, locate 'Request for Extension of Time' & 'Request for Variations'. You can multi-select by holding down the Ctrl + click combination on your keyboard.





5. Click the green Submit button to retrieve results. Save this search by clicking on Save View to save time in future.


Access and process requests



6. If you selected Available to My Workgroup option (step 3), you may have the following buttons showing:

  • Takeover - the order has been assigned to a user within your workgroup for action. You need Supervisor access to your profile to have this ability to take the work over from other users
  • Action/Release - this is your order that is currently assigned to you. You can choose to Action to proceed to enter the order or select Release to place it into an unassigned queue for another user to pick up and action
  • Acquire - this order record has no owner and is placed into an unassigned queue, waiting for a user to acquire/action



Overview and search

  • Learn how to use this advanced search tool to allow you to filter the list of tasks that require action

Save and use views

  • Learn how to save your options for when you next enter My Work



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