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Creating custom views in My Work

My Work is an advanced search tool that allows you to filter, customise and export lists of tasks that require action in LPG. So, it makes sense to utilise this tool to your advantage by targeting requests, orders and matters that require your attention. Once created, you may call on them with the click of a button. This article will benefit those wanting greater visibility about outstanding tasks via a quick and customisable work list.


Wait, what's a view?

A view is essentially a saved search based on user-selected criteria that presents a relevant list of tasks, orders and matters. You could compare a view to bookmarks saved in your browser. After creating and saving key views in My Work, simply click the relevant link under the VIEWS section and voilà! You have the results you need right there and then.


Before you begin:

To retrieve results, you should have the basic operations roles allocated to your profile.



Access My Work


1. From the menu, select Worklist then My Work




Filter the search fields

In this example, we want to create a view for orders that have received a customer response to requests (budget and extension of time). This view will be categorised as 'individual', which means that this view will only be visible to me. 




2. Select Order in View Entity field.
3. Select the type of View Level:

  • 3a: Assigned to Me - means you will only retrieve a list of orders that you are assigned to.
  • 3b: Available to My Resource - means you can see orders assigned to other members of your resource. Depending on LPG’s configuration and your roles, you may be able to take over work allocated to others.



4. In the Status box, scroll to locate Customer Response to Extension of Time and Customer Response to Variation Request options. You can multi-select by using the CTRL+ click combination on your keyboard.

5. Select the green Submit button to retrieve results.




6. Once the results are displayed, your Search Fields area will collapse. To save the view, click the Search Fields banner to expand and reveal the Save View button.


Save View



7. Click the Save View button.




8. Enter the view name, a brief description and categorise* the type of view. Once done, select the Create button.

*Three categories are available:

  • Individual views are created by each user, and are available only to that user
  • Resource views are created by your Resource Supervisor, and are shared with other members of your resource group
  • Global views are created by your System Admin, and are shared with the whole organisation

Done! Your newly created 'View' will be listed on the left-hand side of the search fields and you can click to retrieve instant results when you next enter My Work.





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