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Firms that do not effectively manage compliance commitments within LPG may find their provider rating decreasing. Give yourself some peace of mind by logging into LPG to check the current state of your compliance documents. Should you find you are not compliant, the client may not allocate work to you, until this is corrected.


Before you begin:

  • You must have the System Administrator role allocated to your user profile to view contract compliance details.


    • System administrators will receive an email notification for instances where compliances are required or due to expire in 28 days or less. In accordance with receiving a notification, you will have also have active links showing in your worklist under the 'Admin' section.


Locate your compliance documents

After logging into LPG:

1. Select Company Info menu and click Manage Compliance Documents.



Upload required document(s)


2. Records showing under the 'Compliance Documents Needed' heading require action. Click the Upload link and follow the prompts at the Compliance Document Details screen to create a compliance record.


Assign and link associated contracts 




3. Once the upload process is complete, the new compliance document will appear under the heading Compliance Documents Not Assigned to a Contract. It is important that you assign this document to the relevant contract(s) for the client to then approve. To proceed, select the Assign link.


NOTE: You can choose to Edit, View or Delete the document at this stage before linking it to the contract(s). Once it has been approved by the client, it cannot be edited or deleted.


4. Tick the appropriate contract(s) options and then select the Update button.



5. The record will now show under the final heading, Existing Compliance Documents. This means that the record has been uploaded and assigned to the appropriate contract(s) for the client's contract manager to review and approve.

For any other outstanding documents requiring upload, repeat the steps provided.


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