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Being a matter manager in LPG means being responsible for overseeing the details and operations of a matter. But, what about the Document Reviewer role? What does this mean in accordance with your current responsibilities? Having this role gives you the ability to access and review documents submitted by the provider. It is an important task to ensure the document shows accurate content and meets the expected standards of the matter.

Before you begin:

  • You must have the Matter Manager and Document Reviewer role allocated to your user profile if you wish to review documents.


Access your activity list

After logging into LPG:

1. Select Worklist menu and click My Work




Filter the search fields 




2. Select Activity from View Entity
3. Choose View Level as either:

  • 3a: Assigned to Me - shows a list of documents assigned only to you for action or release
  • 3b: Available to My Workgroup - provides you with a wider visibility of all documents that are assigned to other users within your workgroup. It also shows documents that are unassigned (no owner) and incorporates your assigned documents records too




4. Click the green Submit button to retrieve results. You can also choose to click the Clear button to start your search again, or save the search options for the next time you access My Work by clicking Save View


Action and review documents 



5. If you selected the Available to My Workgroup option (step 3), you may have the following buttons showing:

  • Takeover - the document has been assigned to a user within your workgroup for action. Should you wish to review this document instead of the currently assigned user, simply select this button to proceed
NOTE: Only users with Supervisor access allocated to the role will have the ability to Takeover work from others.


  • Acquire - this document has no owner and is placed into an unassigned queue, waiting for a user to acquire/action
  • Action/Release - this is your assigned document. You can choose to Action to proceed to review or select Release to place it into an unassigned queue for another user to pick up and action




Overview and search
  • Learn how to use this advanced search tool to allow you to filter the list of tasks that require action
Save and use views
  • Learn how to save your options for when you next access My Work
Customise result tables
  • After executing the search in My Work, the result table can be customised to your liking
Execute page results
  • After executing the search in My Work and customizing the result table it can be exported as a CSV file for use with a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel




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