Apply KPI Template to Contract Template


Technical Contract Manager, Commercial Contract Manager



By linking the KPI template to the Contract the associated KPIs will automatically be reviewed at the end of the periods specified in the KPI template. 

Before you begin

  • Create the KPI template


1. On the LPG menu select Contracts > Contract Templates.

The List Contract Templates screen appears.

NOTE: From the List Contract Templates screen, the following actions can be taken: 

N1:  The View link opens the View Contract Template screen where you can see how the Template has been setup.  No changes can be made from this screen.

N2: The Copy link creates a copy of the selected Template.  You would select this option if you wanted to create a new template that contained many of the same selection as an existing template.

N3: The Active checkbox enables you to quickly and easily activate/deactivate templates.  Contacts can only be created from Active templates.

2. Click Edit next to the Contract template to which the KPI template needs to be linked.

The Update Contract Template screen appears.

3. Click the KPI tab.

4. Select the required KPI template from the drop down list.

The details of the selected KPI template are displayed on the Contract Template screen.

Tips & Troubleshooting 

  • If a Ratings Template has been associated to the Contract, the KPI Template on the contract is automatically set to the one defined on the Ratings Template and cannot be changed from the KPI tab.

  • If one has been defined, an alternative Ratings/KPI template combination can be selected from the Rating tab. See topic Ratings on Contracts for more detail. 
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