Create a KPI Template


Technical Contract Manager



KPI Templates can be used to standardise the KPIs in your contracts


1. On the LPG menu select Components > KPI Templates.

The List KPI Templates screen appears.

2. Click the New Template

The Create KPI Template screen appears.

3. Enter the KPI Template details.

KPI periods can be up to 60 months (5 years).

  • NOTE: Short period gives an indication of current behaviour whilst the longer period identifies whether this is the behaviour trend. 
    Period 1 – 1 Month
    Period 2 – 3 Months
    Period 3 – 6 Months


4. Click the Submit

A confirmation screen appears. If the Default option was selected, a message is displayed indicating the template will become the default template.

5. Click the Create button to continue.

The display returns to the List KPI Templates screen. The new template is added to the list.

  • Creating the Template only gives the new template a name and sets the intervals that the KPIs will be reviewed. The next step is to edit the template to link existing generic KPIs to it. See topic Edit KPI Template for details.


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