Edit a KPI Template


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After creating the KPI template it is necessary to link existing generic KPIs to it.

Before you begin

  • Create the KPI Template.


The following procedure describes two actions that can be performed as part of the Edit KPI Template function:

  • Edit the basic KPI Template information (Name, Description, duration of periods);
  • Link generic KPIs to each period of the KPI template and specify the parameters of each KPI.

1. On the LPG menu select Components > KPI Templates.

The List KPI Templates screen appears.

2. Click Edit.

The Update KPI Template screen appears.

3. If required, edit the basic KPI Template details.

KPI periods can be up to 60 months (5 years).

The lower part of the update KPI Template screen lists all available generic KPIs.

4. For each KPI that needs to be associated with this template do the following:

a. Select which of the three periods the KPI needs to be reviewed.

b. For each selected period enter the KPI percentages and penalties that apply if the KPI is breached.

5. When all necessary KPIs have been defined and linked to the template, click the Submit

The display returns to the List KPI Templates screen. The KPIs are linked to the template.


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