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The Item rates for one or more Contracts have been updated by downloading and editing a CSV format file.The file now needs to be uploaded to LPG for the changes to be imported into the specified Contracts.   

Before you begin 

  • If updating Item rates or adding new Items to a Contract, the items and rates must be defined in a Rate Import file.  See topic Download & Edit Existing Rates for details. 
  • New items may need to be added to the LPG before rates for them can be added to a contract.  The new item must be requested, approved and then linked to all relevant Area of Law . See topic Request New Item, and Link Items to an Area of Law for details.



1. On the LPG menu, select Contracts > Upload Rates from the menu. 


The Upload Rates screen appears. 


2. Click the Choose File button. 

The File Upload window opens. 


3. Find and select the CSV format file (spreadsheet) in which you input the rates information and click the Open button. 

The display returns to the Update Rates screen. The selected filename is displayed (3a). 


4. The default Change Over Date is today. If a later date is required, input the new date. 

5. By default the Operation is set to “Import Rates”. If required, select a different Operation. 

  • The available options are:  


  • “Import Rates” attempts to import the file. 
  • If “Validate Only” is selected in the Operation drop down list, LPG will check the validity of the file without attempting to upload it. You can then see what, if any, errors will occur when the import operation is performed. If the file being uploaded has a very large number of entries, validating first may save some time.  
  • If “Import after Successful Validation” is selected, LPG will check the validity of the file and if there are no failures, will automatically import the file.

6. Click the Submit button. 

The Rates Upload screen appears. 


7. Click the View Batch Job button. 

The Batch List screen appears showing that status of recent rate upload operations. If the Status = COMPLETE and Success = OK, then the upload was successful (or if “Validate Only” was chosen, the upload is validated and will be successful when it is performed). 


8. If the operation failed (Status = FAILED), click View to see more detail. 

The Batch Items List screen appears. The list of batch jobs is displayed in historical order with the most recent job at the top of the list. The message field indicates what happened with the batch job (the reason why it failed). In the example shown below there were two issues: 

  • The user trying to perform the upload didn’t have the required role to perform the task (Contract Manager). 
  • The Rate Template spreadsheet had missing data (the Rate Type field had not been filled in). 


9. If the batch job was unsuccessful, fix the errors then repeat the upload procedure.  


If “Validate Only” was selected, you must return to the Upload Rates screen and perform the upload with “Import Rates” selected in the Operation drop down list.  

Tips & Troubleshooting

  • “Import Rates” is the default selection as this is the option takes the least time if there are no errors in the import file.  Selecting “Import after Successful Validation” until you are confident with creating your import file will reduce the number of time you have to re-import after failure.  
  • Ensure there are no empty rows within the spreadsheet's data
  • Ensure the date column is set as a text field
  • If you are uploading Credit Note rates, make sure you include CR in the Credit Type (Column I)






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