Link Workgroup to Panel Type





A workgroup must be associated with one or morePanel Types within LPG in order to manage orders associated to thePanel Type.   



1. On the LPG menu select Users > Workgroup Panel Types.  


The Associate Panel Types with Workgroups screen appears with the Contract Administrator Workgroups listed.  

2. To link a Workgroup to one or more Panel Types, click on the Workgroup in the list. 

The selected Workgroup is highlighted in green.  
The Associated Panel Types list is displayed on the right side of the screen.  
A - Any Panel Types already associated with this Workgroup have a tick in the Assoc. checkbox. 

3. Place a tick in the Assoc. checkbox of each Panel Type that this Workgroup needs to be associated with. 

  • Remove the tick from the Assoc. checkbox to stop the association between that Panel Type and the highlighted Workgroup. 

4. Repeat step 3 for each Panel Type that needs to be associated with this Workgroup. 

5. When all the associations have been made, scroll to the bottom of the Associate Panel Types with Workgroups screen and click the Update button. 




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