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Provider System Administrator


A Contract created by the Customer typically requires compliance certificate to be uploaded into LPG to prove the Provider has the required certification to perform the work (eg. Professional Indemnity Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance)


After the Client Contract Manager has created the Contract, the Provider must upload the required compliance certificates and link them to the Contract so that the Client Contract Manager can confirm that they are appropriate.


  • System administrators will receive an email notification for instances where compliances are required or due to expire in 28 days or less. In accordance with receiving a notification, you will have also have active links showing in your worklist under the 'Admin' section.


This procedure explains how to:

  • View the status of a Contract
  • Upload Contract compliance documents
  • Associate compliance documents with one or more Contracts.

 To view the compliance status of a contract

1. Select Company Info > Contracts from the LPG menu

The List contracts screen appears showing all this Provider’s Contracts.

The symbols in the Compliance column indicate which documents are required to comply with the Contract requirements. 

The colour of the symbol indicates the status of that compliance:

Red      -           compliance document not yet submitted by the Provider

Purple  -           compliance document submitted but not yet confirmed by Yarris support

Blue     -           compliance document not yet confirmed by Customer Contract Manager

Green  -           compliance document checked and approved by Customer Contract Manager

Hover the mouse over each symbol to see a brief description of the compliance item and its status. 

To Upload New Contract Compliance documents:

1. Select Company Info > Manage Compliance Documents from the LPG menu. The Manage Compliance screen appears.

The Manage Compliance screen displays a list of the compliance documents required.

2. The Compliance Documents Needed section displays a list of all Compliances that are required by the Customer to be uploaded against the contract.

3. Click the Upload link against the Compliance category you wish to load a document for.

The Add Compliance Document screen opens for details of the selected document to be recorded.

4. After filling in the Compliance Document Details, scroll down to the To upload this document (N1) section and click on the Choose File

a. Browse for and select the compliance document to be uploaded.

5. Once uploaded click the Submit

This will return you to the Manage Compliance screen where the newly uploaded Compliance document is now listed in the Compliance Document Not Assigned to a Contract section.

To Associate the uploaded compliance document with a Contract:

1. Select Company Info > Manage Compliance Documents from the menu.

The Manage Compliance screen appears

2. The Compliance Documents Not Assigned to a Contract section lists compliance documents that have been uploaded but not yet associated to a contract.

3, Click the Assign

The Assign Compliance to Contact screen appears.

  • Note: The symbol for the document is now purple to indicate it has been uploaded by the Provider but has not yet been checked by Yarris Support.

4, Select the Contract(s) that the Compliance document needs to be associated to.

5. Click the Update Button.

You are returned to the Manage Compliance screen and the uploaded document is now displayed in the Existing Compliance Documents section.

6. The Edit link opens the Update Compliance Document screen where you can change Compliance Document Details (N2) or upload a new version of the file (N3).

7. The View link downloads a copy of the attached Compliance document for viewing.

8. The Delete link is not available if the document has been assigned to a contract. To delete the Uploaded Compliance document, clear any contract assignment first using the Assign link.  A screen is displayed asking you to confirm the deletion.

To view Compliance History:

1. Select Company Info > Compliance Document History from the menu.

2. The Compliance History screen lists all compliance document activity. The list can be filtered to search for specific events by using the search fields at the top of the screen.


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