24 November 2016 Update

The purpose of this document is to set out the changes to functionality and interface design of the Legal Panel Gateway delivered by the release specified above. If you have any questions regarding the information provided below, please contact Yarris Customer Support at help@yarris.com

Release overview

This is a minor release that focuses on addressing some minor issues raised by LPG users.

Document upload notifications

Improvements have been made to the document upload notifications. The owner of the matter or order will receive a notification when anyone uploads documents. Users will not receive notifications on documents that they have uploaded themselves. Previously, users only received notifications for documents that they had uploaded to the matter or order.

Find Contracts screen

The Find Contracts screen, available to the Contract Manager users has been improved to display the contract expiry date in the List Contracts result. The redundant ‘Trans’ column has been replaced with ‘Expiry date’ to enable users to view the expiry date displayed within the contract.

In progress order screen update

The display of the ‘Work Complete’ and ‘Submit Payment Claim’ buttons has been swapped around on the Supplier-side ‘Order in Progress’ screen to reduce the number of payment claims submitted in error.

Unit of Measure on Item List screen

The ‘Unit of Measure’ (UOM) field on the Item screen, available to System Administration users has been improved to display items in the dropdown list in alpha-numeric order, making it easier to find items in the list. Previously, the items in the UOM dropdown list were displayed in two groups, A-Z in lowercase and A-Z in uppercase.

Error message correction

The Yarris phone number displayed in an error message has been corrected. Previously, the error message displayed Yarris’s old office phone number.

Change Password format description

The password format description on the Change Password screen has been updated. This provides more clarity to users.

Workgroup update screen

The Workgroup Update screen, available to System Administration users has been improved to only list those users who are currently active and associated to the workgroup. This reduces the number of users visible in the list for selection, making it easier to locate the correct user and update the user’s workgroup information.

Fix to SLA icon on the invoices worklist

Corrections have been made to the SLA icon displayed against activities on the Search Invoices Worklist screen. The SLA icons will now display correctly based on the SLA warning. It will display a yellow SLA icon against invoice item where urgent action is required and a red SLA icon against invoice item where a breach has occurred. Previously, the SLA icon was not displaying.

Fix Invoice Cancellation KPI recording

Corrections have been made to the handling of Invoice Cancellation KPI events. It now calculates the KPI events correctly.

Improvements to unsupported document type handling

Users will now be informed when they upload a document with an unsupported file extension type on the Document Upload screen.

Document review handling improvements

The URL in email notifications that are linked to a document that has been reviewed or deleted, has been updated so that users are taken straight to the Document tab of the matter or associated order. Previously, a user was taken directly to the document. Updates have also been made to the Document Review activities in My Work, to no longer display an exception error when the user selects the document review activity.

SLA warning on invoices

Users will no longer see a yellow SLA icon against invoices that has been marked as paid and closed or cancelled.

Misalignment of attribute fields on the matter screen

Improvements have been made to the matter screen to ensure that attribute fields are aligned correctly on the screen.

Document tab on stopped order

Users can now access the Document tab on an order that has been stopped. Previously, users were presented with an exception error when trying to access the Document tab.

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