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Defining Document Type enable documents to be grouped and provides the ability to associate characteristics to these document groups.  




1. On the LPG menu select Reference > Customer Configurations.  

The Customer Configurations screen appears.  


2. Click the Document Management tab. 

The Document Management tab consists of 2 sections:. 

  • N1 Create New Document Type: define a new Document Type and add it to the list. 
  • N2 - List of existing Document Types.  
  • N3 - Use the arrows to expand or collapse the Create New Document Type panel.  

To edit an existing 
Document Type: 


3. Click the Edit button next to the Document Type you wish to edit. 

The fields of the Document Type become editable. 


4. Edit the Document Name and/or Document Description 

5. Select whether the Document Type is related to Orders or Matters or both. 

6. Select whether the Document Type is: 

  • active or not  
  • visible to Provider  
  • requires review 

number of days to complete the review 

7. Click the Save button. 

The Document Type is updated. 

To add a new Document Type: 

8. Click the arrow next to Create New Document Type

The Create New Document Type panel is displayed. 


9. Enter the Document Type Name and Description as required. 

10. Select whether the Work Type is related to Orders and/or Matters.  This determines whether the document type will be included in the drop-down selection list for the Order or Matter. 

11. Select whether the Document Type is active or not. 

12. Select whether the Document Type is visible to Provider users.  If this checkbox is not ticked, the document type will not be included in the Document Type drop-down list for the provider. 

13. Select whether Document Type requires review, if uploaded by Providers.  If the Document Type requires review, the Review Days identifies the number of days after the document has been uploaded by the Provider that the Customer has to complete the document review 

14. Click the Save button. 

The new Document Type is added to the Document Type list. 


NOTE: There is no means to delete a Document Type. To “hide” it from LPG users, set the Active state to “No”.  




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