Maintain Provider Profile


Provider System Administrator


General information about the Legal Firm may need to be updated. Accurately maintaining the address of each office is important, as is maintaining compliance documents.  



This procedure explains how to manage the Provider Profile including:

  • Profile (overview of the company);
  • List of Referees (other Customers for whom your firm has worked);
  • List of key contact persons at your company;
  • List of company policy documents;
  • Locations where your company has depots/offices.


See topic Update Company Info for the steps to update the high level company information (which appears on Contracts and Orders).

1. On the LPG menu select Company Info > Provider Profile.
The Provider Profile screen appears with the Profile tab selected.

2. Edit the Provider Profile fields as required.
Our Services - a brief overview of the services that your firm provides.

Manage List of Referees

1. To add referees, click the Referees

2. For each referee do the following:

a. Click Add.
The Create Referee screen appears.

b. Enter the details of the Company, employment period and referee details.

c. Click the Submit
The referee is added to the list on the Referee tab.
N1 - Use View, Edit and Delete to manage the referee list.

Manage list of Provider Contacts

1. Click the Contacts

2. To edit the details of the Primary Contact, do the following:

a. Click Edit.
The Contact Form with the details of the primary contact is displayed.

b. Edit the contact details as required.

c. Click the Submit
The display returns to My Contacts.

3. To add an Invoicing Contact (accounts person) do the following:

a. Under the Invoicing Contact heading, click the Add
A blank Contact Form appears.

b. Fill in the contact details of the person responsible for invoicing.

c. Click the Submit
N2 - The person’s details are listed under the Invoicing Contact heading.
N3 - Use the Edit link to make changes to the Invoicing Contact.

4. To add individuals to the list of General Contacts, do the following:

a. Under the General Contacts heading, click the Add
A blank Contact Form appears.

b. Enter the person’s details.

c. Click the Submit

The person is added to the list of General Contacts.
N1 - Use Edit to modify the person’s details or Delete to remove them from the General Contacts list.

Manage list of Policy Documents

1. Click the Policy Documents
A list of standard company policy documents is displayed.
N1 - The instructions under My Policy Documents explain the process for uploading policy documents.

2. To upload each policy document, do the following:

3. Click the Choose File button next to the Policy that needs to be uploaded.

The File Upload window opens.

4. Find and select the required policy document.

5. Click the Open

The File Upload window closes.
N1 - The file name is displayed next to the Choose File button.

6. Repeat these steps for each policy that needs to be uploaded.

7. When all documents have been uploaded, click the Submit button.

The policy documents are uploaded to LPG.
N1 – The Status changes from “Not Uploaded” to “View”. Click the View link to see a copy of the document.


Manage List of Depots/Office Locations

1. Click the Depots/Office Locations tab.

For each depot/office location do the following:

2. Click Add.
A blank Office Location form appears.

3. Fill in the Office Location Description and Contact Person fields.
The Location Code and Location Name can be set to your requirements.

4. Fill in all the Address Detail fields to accurately identify the location of the depot/office.

5. Once all the information about the depot/office is correct, click the Submit
N9 - The location is added to the My Office Locations list.
N10 - Use Edit and Delete to edit an office location or delete it from the list.


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