Update Company Information


Provider System Administrator


If company information changes, it needs to be updated in LPG.



This procedure explains how to manage the high level company information (which appears on Contracts and Orders). See topic Maintain Provider Profile for the steps to update general company information including:

  • Provider Profile – overview of the company;
  • List of Referees – other Customers for whom the Provider has worked;
  • List of Provider key contacts;
  • List of company policy documents;
  • Locations where the Provider has offices.

1. Select Company Info > Company Details from the menu.
The Company Details screen appears.

2. Update the company details as required. (Example: change of company address)

3. In the Services section of the screen, the column on the right lists the Service categories this Provider currently offers to the Customer. Within the LPG, Providers select Category 252 – Social Professional Services (Legal & OHSE).

4. To save the changes, click the Submit button (or click the Cancel button to exit without saving any changes to the company information).

A message Changed Details Require Review may appear (depending on what changes were made).

  • Yarris support now check and approve/reject the changes to company information. The Customer then receives notification of the change and needs to approve or reject the change. Only then will the change be permanently committed within LPG.

  • NOTE: Until both these confirmation stages have been completed, new jobs cannot be issued to you. 
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