Action High Value Order/Claim


Approval Manager


The Order/Claim cannot proceed to the next stage until it has been approved by the manager.

Before you begin

  • The User must be set up by System Administrator with the Approval Manager role for the required workgroup(s) and the appropriate delegation level.


The following procedure describes the scenario where the Matter Manager itemises an Order that exceeds the value that they are authorised to transmit.

The steps for manager approval of a high value Order or Claim are essentially the same.  The following procedure describes the action required for a high value Order. Unless explicitly stated, the same applies to a high value Claim.

  • If LPG is configured for emails, the Approval Manager may receive an email notification that the Order needs approving. If the System Administrator has enabled users to manage their own notifications, you may be able to switch email notifications on and off (see topic Set Personal Messaging Preferences).


1. On the LPG menu select Worklist > All.
The My Worklist Summary appears.

  • NOTE: Other methods to find the required Order include using the Search Order or Find Order functions (see topic Find Vs Search) and using the My Work function (see topic My Work Overview & Search).

2. Scroll down to the Orders section and click Orders Requiring Manager Approval.
NOTE: If there are no orders requiring approval (Count is 0), you cannot click on the link.

The list of Orders Requiring Manager Approval appears.

  • NOTE:  This list also shows Orders that have been manually escalated. These are not high value orders that exceeded the user delegation and needed a manager’s approval but have been manually escalated to the manager for other reasons (for example, for informational purposes or confirmation of a business process). See topic Action Manually Escalated Order for more information.


3. Click the Action button next to the Order that needs to be approved.
The Approve High Value Order screen appears with the Items tab selected.

4. The message in red at the top of the screen advises the reason that the order has been escalated for Manager Approval. In this example, the budget exceeded the authority level of the Matter Manager and was escalated to the Approval Manager for approval.

5. Check the details on the other tabs and review documents to determine whether the budget is adequate. Click on the Edit Budget link on the Budget tab if the budget needs to be revised. On the Budget screen, enter a new Budget value (5a) and click on the Save button (5b).

6. Click on the Approve button to approve the value and progress the order.

7. If the order value exceeds your authorization level or if you wish to return the Order to the Approval
Manager workgroup for another Manager to Approve, click on the Re-allocate for Approval

8. Click on the Reject button if you do not approve the current value. A reason for the rejection must be entered in the Approval Manager’s Comment

  • This comment will appear in the History tab of the Order. The comment is only mandatory if rejecting the Invoice, but it is also recommended when approving the order.


Tips & Troubleshooting


  • IMPORTANT: Orders Approved or Rejected by the Approval Manager cannot be recalled.


  • NOTE: Once the Order, Claim or invoice has been escalated to a manager, it cannot be further processed until the Manager responds to the escalation.


  • NOTE: If the value of the Order exceeds the authorisation level of the Approval Manager, they will not be able to approve the Invoice.  The Order will need to be sent to an Approval group to be accessed by an Approval Manager with a higher authorisation level.

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