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People cannot access LPG until they have been set up as users in the system.  

Before you begin 

  • Ensure that the relevant Invoiced Entities with which the User must be associated are first created. Part of the Create User process is to allocate them to one or more Invoice Entities. 


  1. On the LPG menu select Users > Find Users.  

The User List screen appears.  


2. Click the Create button. 

The Create User screen appears. 


3. Fill in the User information.  

  • N1 - Username: 6 to 8 characters 
  • N2 - User Type: Is the person part of the Customer or the Provider company? 
  • N3 - Invoiced Entity: Tick one or more entities with which the User is associated.

4. When all the User information is complete and accurate, click the Submit button. 

Page Break 

The display returns to the User List with all users listed.  

  • N4 - The new user is added to the list. 


Creating the User is only the first step in giving a person access to LPG. The next step is to allocate roles to the User then assign them to a hierarchy. See topics Manager User Roles and Link User to Hierarchy. If the User attempts to login when they have only been created as a LPG User (without Roles or Hierarchy) they will get the following error message. 




Tips & Troubleshooting 

 It is possible to create a User by “cloning” the User details of another User. Find the User and click Copy (N5).  






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