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This is a quick method to edit multiple Item rates on one or more existing Contracts. It can also be used to copy oneProvider’srates into another Contract. 

Before you begin 

The Provider Contract must already be created in LPG with rates loaded against it Using a downloaded Rate file to update rates in one or more Contracts is a three part process: 

  • Download the rates from the specified Contract(s) in LPG. 
  • Open and edit the downloaded CSV-format file (spreadsheet). 
  • Import the edited rates to the specified Contract(s) in LPG.  
    (See topic Upload Rates to a Contract for steps.) 



1. On the LPG menu, select Contracts > Download Rates

The Download Provider’s Rates screen appears. The upper part of the screen (1a) explains the steps to download rates. The lower part of the screen (1b) explains how to edit and remove rates within the downloaded spreadsheet. 


2. To download the rates from one or more contracts, do the following: 


a) Enter the search criteria to find the required contract(s).

b) Click the Download button. 

A file will be downloaded containing the rates for the contract(s) that match the filter criteria.  The name of the rates CSV file displayed will have the following format:  XXX-YYYYMMDD.csv, where XXX is the customer id and YYYYMMDD is the date of the extract. 

3.  Open the downloaded file. 

To edit the rates for the selected Contract(s): 

The rates CSV file opens in the default spreadsheet program used on your computer (typically Microsoft Excel). The rates for all the items relevant to the specified contracts are displayed. 


4. Delete the rows for any items which require no change to the rates. 

5. Edit the RATE for each item as required. 


6. If the rate change is to take place on a specific date, enter the date in the EFFECTIVE_FROM column. This must be a date later than the existing date in this column. 

7. To indicate an Item is no longer required on the Contract, enter today’s date in the EFFECTIVE_TO column.  This will ‘retire’ the item after the upload has been processed.  Alternatively, a future date can be recorded in this column which will ‘retire’ the item when this date has been reached.   

This should not be a date prior to today’s date. 

8. To load the prices against a new contract, change the Contract Id.  The new Contract will need to have the correct zones selected. 

9. Save and close the spreadsheet. Ensure it is saved only as a CSV format file.   


The edited rates now need to be uploaded to LPG.  See topic 'Upload Rates to a Contract' for steps. 


Tips & Troubleshooting 


  • To allow Matters for a new Area of Law to be issued to a Provider with an existing contract, you only need to upload rates for the new Area of Law to that contract. 
  • The Description columns in the spreadsheet are not used during processing.  They are only presented to assist you to understand the codes (items, Zones, Categories, etc).  Changes to these columns will have no impact. 
  • Changing the Rate Type changes the nature of how that item works in LPG.  See topic Upload Rates to a Contract for more detail. 



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