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Commercial Contract Manager



Find and edit existing Contracts between Customer and Provider. The way the Contract is defined will determine what type of work can be allocated to the Provider.

Before you begin

  • Only Users with the Commercial Contract Manager role can view and edit Contracts.


1. On the LPG menu select Contracts > Find Contracts.

The List Contracts screen appears.

2. Enter the search criteria as required. (To display all Contracts, don’t enter any criteria.)

3. Click the Search

The list of Contracts matching the search criteria are displayed below the Search button.

  • NOTE: : Contracts that have no Edit link (A) are managed by another workgroup that the user is not a member of and thus the Contract cannot be edited by the current user.

4. To edit a Contract do the following:

a. Click Edit.

The Update Contract screen appears.

· NOTE: To return to the List Contracts screen without saving changes to the Contract, click Return to Contract List.

b. Edit each tab as required.

· NOTE: The setting up of Contract components is essentially the same as for Contract Templates. See the relevant topics on setting up Contract Template components.

c. Click the Save Details

The display returns to the List Contracts screen.


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