View KPI failures


Provider System Administrator


When a Provider’s KPI score is less than 100% and the System Administrator would like to see which orders breached their SLAs

Before you begin

  • Any SLA breaches can be disputed by the Provider, and adjusted within the LPG by the Customer Contract Manager


1. Select Company Info > Contracts from the LPG menu

The List Contracts screen appears showing all this Provider’s Contracts.

2. Click on View for the Contract you wish to view

3. Click on the KPI tab.
The KPI Statistics List appears. This list displays your organisation’s KPI results over three periods.
The three periods have been defined by the Client to enable comparison of the Provider’s performance over different periods of time.

· NOTE: Short period gives an indication of current behaviour whilst the longer period identifies whether this is the behaviour trend.


Computed % - the percentage of successful events for this KPI
Agreed % - the agreed percentage of successful events for this KPI. This takes into account the reversal by the customer of any failure events
Target % - the customer-specific target that should be exceeded by Providers
Penalty – the number of points assigned for each variation from target

4. Click on the score you would like to see the failure events for.

The KPI Event Failures list is displayed. This lists all the failed events that contributed to that KPI score for that period of time.

5. Click on View to view the order

When viewing the Order, take note of:
N1 -  the Service Period date, listed in the Details tab.
N2 - the date the Order was marked Completed in the History tab.

· NOTE: Adjustments can be made to KPI scores by the Client Contract Manager. Contact the Client Contract Manager if you think you have been unfairly penalized or there is a legitimate reason as to why you did not meet the SLA.

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