Find/ Edit Order Priority


Technical Contract Manager, Sys Admin



Order priorities are associated to SLAs on Contracts to enable the response targets for key activities to vary according to Order priority.

Before you begin

  • Only users with the Technical Contract Manager or Sys Admin role can edit the Order Priorities.


1. On the LPG menu select Reference > Order Priorities.

The Edit Order Priorities screen appears with a list of existing generic Order Priorities.

2. Click the icon in the Active column to either activate or deactivate a Priority. (Green tick is active. Red cross  is deactivated. Each click switches between active and deactivated.)

· NOTE: Deactivating or editing the Order priorities does not affect existing Orders. The changed priorities will be visible in new Orders. Priority levels cannot be deleted.

· Priorities 1,3 & 5 are mandatory and cannot be deactivated.  Every company must have at least these three defined (in simplest terms - low, medium, high).  The descriptions can be changed as required.

3. To edit an existing Order Priority, click [Edit].

The Description field becomes editable.

4. Edit the Description.

5. Click the Update

N1 - The Order Priority list is updated.

N2 - When creating or modifying an Order, the priority can be selected from a drop down list.


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