Validate Contract Compliance Documents


Commercial Contract Manager



After the Provider has uploaded their compliance documents and linked them to one or more contracts, the document must be view and either accepted or rejected. The contract should not be activated until all relevant compliance document have been linked to the contract and accepted.

Before you begin

  • Only users with the Commercial Contract Manager role in their profile can perform this task.


1. Select Worklist > All from the menu.

The My Worklist screen appears.

2. Scroll down to the Contracts section and click Compliance Certificates to be Verified.

If there are no Contract documents to be verified (Count = 0), you cannot click on the link.
The list of Compliance Certificates to be Verified is displayed.

3. Click the Acquire button (or Action button) next to the Contract which needs to be verified.

The Accepting Required Compliance screen appears.

A – To view the details of the contract in a pop-up window, click the Contract #.

B – To open a copy of the Provider’s uploaded document/certificate, click View.

C – To cancel and return to the Worklist, click the Cancel button.

The compliance document/certificate can either be rejected (step 4 below) or accepted (step 5 below).


4. To reject the document/certificate do the following:

a. On the Accepting Required Compliance screen, click Reject.

The Reject Compliance window opens.

b. Enter the reason for rejecting the compliance document.

c. Click the Submit

5. To accept the compliance document, do the following:

a. On the Accepting Required Compliance screen, click Accept.

The Accept Compliance window opens. A list of contracts that the Provider has associated this compliance document with is displayed.

6. Either select all contracts (click the checkbox at the top of the list) or click individual checkboxes to only select specific Contracts.

7. To accept the compliance document for the selected Contracts, click the Submit

The display returns to the Compliance Certificates to be Verified worklist. The contracts for which the compliance document/certificate was accepted is removed from the list. The Provider receives email notification of the acceptance.



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