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Customer Contract Manager



Find and view existing provider compliance document. This is to ensure that the provider have the relevant insurance policy in place.


1. On the LPG menu select Contracts > Find Contracts.

The List Contracts screen appears.


2. Enter the search criteria as required. (To display all Contracts, don’t enter any criteria.)

3. Click the Search

The list of Contracts matching the search criteria are displayed below the Search button.  

4. To view the contract, do the following:

a. Click the Contract #.

The List Contract screen appears.

5. In the View Contract screen,

a. Select the Compliance tab to view the provider’s compliance document

6. The Compliance tab displays the compliance requirements for the contract.

a. The Required Compliance section list those Insurances and Certificates necessary for Contract compliance

b. The Provider’s Compliance section list the compliance documents that have been uploaded by the Provider and associated with the Contract.

7. After viewing the Contract –compliance details, click Return to Contract List.

The display returns to the List Contracts screen.

8. To reset the search (Display all Contracts) do the following:

9. Click the Expand Criteria. The Search field will appear in the List Contracts

10. Enter the required search criteria.

11. Click the Search button.



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