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Commercial Contract Manager



Changes to Provider company details may have implications for existing contracts with that Provider. For example, a change of company name may be due to a Provider merging with another company. The Customer must determine what to do with existing contracts with the Provider (continue, suspend existing Contract, or create new Contract).


A Provider has changed their company information. Yarris support has checked and approved the change.

Before you begin

  • Only users with the Commercial Contract Manager role in their profile can perform this task.


1. Select Worklist > All from the menu.

The My Worklist screen appears.

2. Scroll down to the Contracts section and click Providers with changed Company Details.

If there are no Providers with changed company details (Count is 0), you cannot click on the link.

· After the Provider changes the company details, it first goes to Yarris support for checking. Only after Yarris support approve the change does it appear on the Customer worklist.

The list displays the Contracts which are affected by this company details change. In the example shown below, there are two different contracts with the Provider who has changed their details.

3. Click the Action button next to the Contract you wish to action.

The Verify Changed Company Details screen appears. For each item that has changed, the Old entry and the New entry are displayed. (In this example the Company Name has been changed which means there is a new Legal Entity Name and also a new LPG Display Name.)

4. Check the items that have changed.

5. Click one of the buttons available, to determine what happens with Contracts, given the changes that have been made.

A – Select Existing Contract Continues if the changes have no impact on the existing Contract with this Provider. In this case the Provider details on the existing contract will be updated.

B – Select Suspend Existing Contract if you believe that the change to the company details impacts on your business relationship.

C – Selecting Create New Contract will suspend the existing contract and a new Contract will be created and associated with the new Provider details. An example where this might be required is when the Provider changes name because it is a new business entity (perhaps merged with a different company) and different clauses and conditions may apply.

· If Create New Contract is selected, a pop-up warning message appears allowing the opportunity to cancel the operation.


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