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Approval Manager


This may be for various reasons and at various stages while the Order, Claim or Invoice is on the Customer side for action. Once escalated, the Order cannot be actioned further by the person who escalated it until the manager responds.

Before you begin

  • The User Profile must be set up by Sys Admin to be an approval manager for the required workgroup(s).


The following procedure describes the scenario where the operational user manually escalated an Order for manager approval. The operational user can escalate the Order at any stage that they have access to action the Order (e.g. variation approval, claim verification, invoice approval).

The steps for manager approval of an escalated Claim or Invoice are essentially the same.  In the following procedure, unless explicitly stated, the same steps apply to an escalated Claim or Invoice.

· If the User who escalated the Order specified that an email notification be sent, the manager will receive an email notification that the Order has been escalated to them.

1. On the LPG menu select Worklist > All.

The My Worklist Summary appears.

2. Scroll down to the Orders section and click Orders Requiring Manager Approval.

NOTE: If there are no orders requiring approval (Count is 0), you cannot click on the link.

The list of Orders requiring approval appears.

· NOTE:  This list also shows High Value Orders (automatically sent for approval because the Order value exceeds the operational user’s authority). See topic Action a high Value Order for more information.


3. Click the Action button next to the order that needs to be approved.

The Respond to Manually Escalated Order screen appears with the Details tab selected.
N1 - The most recent reason for escalation is displayed at the top of the screen.


4. To see the reason why the order was escalated, click the History

The list of actions that have been applied to this Order is displayed. Look for the entry “Escalate” in the Note Type column (N2). The text in the Comment column (N3) is what the operational user wrote as to why this Order is being escalated.

5. Check the Documents tab to see if there any documents had been attached to the Order that need to be examined before giving approval. See topic Manage Documents Attached to Matter Order.

6. If necessary, use the Notes tab to write text notes to the Order. See topic Attach Notes to Matter Order for details.

7. To further escalate the Order to the next level for action do the following:

a. In the Escalation Response field, enter a message to the person you are escalating the order to as to why you are escalating the Order further.

b. Select the Approval Workgroup to which the Order will be escalated.

c. Click the Escalate

The Order is sent on to that Workgroup for them to action using the procedure described in this document.

8. To respond to the person who escalated the order to you, do the following:

a. In the Escalation Response field, enter a response to the user who escalated the Order.

b. Click the Respond

The Order returns to the user who escalated the Order/Claim/Invoice and appears in their Manager’s Response to Escalated Order worklist (N1).

Tips & Troubleshooting

You can take over the responsibility to action the escalated Order if you are a member of the same Workgroup and have the same role (Approval Manager).

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