Action a High Value Invoice (Manager)


Approval Manager


The Invoice cannot be approved for payment until the necessary manager approval is received.

Before you begin

  • The User must be set up by System Administrator with the Approval Manager role for the required Accounts workgroup(s) and the appropriate delegation level.


This procedure occurs if the value of the Invoice exceeds the amount the accounts person is authorised to approve. NOTE: If the Claim (prior to Invoice) exceeded the amount that the verification personnel can authorise, the Claim would have also escalated to an Approval Manager.

·If LPG is configured for emails, the manager may receive an email notification that the Invoice needs approving. If the system administrator has enabled users to manage their own notifications, you may be able to switch email notifications on and off (see topic Set Personal Messaging Preferences).



1. On the LPG menu select Worklist > All.

The My Worklist Summary appears.

· NOTE: Other methods to find the required Invoice include using the Search Invoices functions and the My Work function (see topic My Work Overview & Search).


2. Scroll down to the Invoices section and click Invoices Requiring Manager Approval.

NOTE: If there are no Invoices requiring approval (Count is 0), you cannot click on the link.

The list of Invoices requiring Manager Approval appears.

· NOTE:  This list also shows Invoices that have been manually escalated. These are not high value Invoices that exceeded the user delegation and needed a manager’s approval, but have been manually escalated to the manager for other reasons (for example, for informational purposes or confirmation of a business process). See topic Action Manually Escalated Order for more information.


3. Click the Action button next to the Invoice that needs to be approved.

The Review Invoice screen appears with the Items tab selected.

4. As required, check Items and Invoice total (Items tab)

5. Check the Invoice details (Invoice tab)

6. Check what actions have been performed on the Invoice (History tab).

7. If there are attachments related to the Invoice, check the Documents tab to see what they are and if they need to be examined before giving approval.

8. If necessary, use the Notes tab to write text notes to the Invoice.

9. Scroll to the bottom of the Approve High Value Invoice screen and, if required, enter a comment.

·This comment will appear in the History tab of the Order. The comment is only mandatory if rejecting the Invoice but it is recommended to give the reason for the action.

 10. After checking the Invoice, click one of the action buttons:

  • Approve the Invoice – the Invoice is ready to be closed if payment confirmation details are available;
  • Reject the Invoice – returns the Invoice to the Provider. The only action available to the Provider is to cancel the Invoice;
  • Place the invoice on hold – Invoice is held and does not proceed to payment. When it no longer needs to be held, the Invoice can be actioned from the Invoices Held by Manager worklist;
  • View Attachment – downloads the Invoice attachment for viewing. Note:  the attachment can also be accessed from the Documents tab;
  • Approve - Pay & Close – Closes the Invoice after recording payment details.


See Related Topics for information on these procedures.

Tips & Troubleshooting

IMPORTANT: Invoices Approved or Rejected by the Approval Manager cannot be recalled.


NOTE: Once the Order, Claim or invoice has been escalated to a manager, it cannot be further processed until the Manager responds to the escalation.


NOTE: If the value of the Invoice exceeds the authorisation level of the Approval Manager, they will not be able to approve the Invoice.  The invoice will need to be sent to an Approval group to be accessed by an Approval Manager with a higher authorisation level.





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