Link User to Hierarchy


System Administrator, HR Administrator 


A User must be associated with a Hierarchy within the organisation before they can log in or perform any tasks inLPG. 


Before you begin 

  • Only users with the HR Admin or Sys Admin roles can edit the User (or Person) details. 
  • Ensure that the relevant Invoice Entities with which the User must be associated are first created. Part of the Create User process is to allocate them to one or more Invoiced Entities. 



1. On the LPG menu select Users > User Hierarchy.  

The User Setup – List Reports screen appears with a list of Managers displayed.  


2. Click the Add link next to the Manager that the User needs to report to. 

The Select Person window opens with a list of all Users displayed. 

NOTE: If you select ‘Not In Hierarchy’ from the ‘User in Hierarchy’ dropdown, new users who have not previously been added to the Hierarchy will be listed. 


3. Enter the required User’s Name. (Only part of the name is required.) 

4. Click the Search button. 

The list displays only the matching Name(s). 

5. Click [Select] next to the User that needs to be added to the Hierarchy.  

The Select User window closes. The selected User is added below the Manager they need to report to. (The Manager’s name is shown in bold text.) 


NOTE: A User can be added under more than one manager and at different levels within the Hierarchy.  This can be done to reflect the persons reporting lines in the organisation – it serves no functional purpose within the LPG. 

Other actions that can be performed from this screen:

  • Create – Click this link next to one of the manager’s names to go to the Create User screen. This will create the User and add them under the selected manager. (NOTE: This is an alternative method to that described in the user guide Create User.) 

  • Copy – Click this link to make a copy of the selected User. The User’s Roles/Workgroups and Hierarchy association are also copied. You can edit the User details as well as modify their Roles/Workgroups and Hierarchy level This option is only available to users with the System Administrator role 

  • Remove – Remove the User from the hierarchy. NOTE: This user will be unable to log in to LPG until they are allocated within the Hierarchy again. 
  • Substitute – Click this link to open the Person Search window and select a different User to substitute into this position in the Hierarchy.  The original person will be removed from that position in the hierarchy – if they do not exist in any other position, they will be unable to log in to LPG until they are allocated within the Hierarchy again. 
  • Edit – Click this link to go to the Edit User Profile screen in order to modify the User’s Roles and privileges within Workgroups. (See topic Manage User Roles for more details.) 


Tips & Troubleshooting 


NOTE: If the User attempts to login when they have only been created as a LPG User without being added to the Hierarchy, they will get the following error message.  






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