Manage User Roles (User Profile)


SystemAdministrator, HR Administrator 


Creating the User in LPG is only the first step. The User must be assigned Roles depending on which tasks they need to perform. The User can do nothing in LPG until they are assigned one or more Roles. 

Before you begin 

  • Only users with the HR Admin or Sys Admin roles can edit the User roles. 
  • Create the User account (see topic Create a User)


This procedure describes how the Sys Admin/HR Admin can: 

  • Assign Users to Roles within Workgroups; 
  • View the User’s Roles and privileges; 
  • View the history of actions performed on a User account. 

 Admin Users can see a list of each User’s Roles via the User List screen. See topic List a User’s Roles for details.  

Assign a User to a Role within a Workgroup: 


1. On the LPG menu select Users > User Profiles.  

The Profile List screen appears.  


2. Enter the search criteria as required.  

(In this example, all Users with the letters “fwg” in their Username.) 

3. Click the Submit button. 

The list of Users matching the search criteria is displayed. Under the Roles heading a list of allocated Roles for each User is displayed. In this example, the second User has operational Roles on the Customer side and the third User has no Roles allocated. This User will be unable to do anything in LPG until Role(s) are assigned. 


4. To add or edit a User’s Roles, click Edit.  

The Edit User Profile screen appears with the basic User information displayed on the left and a list of all available Roles on the right. The Roles already allocated to the User, if any, are ticked.  


5. For each Role that the User requires, do the following: 

a) Click the checkbox next to the required Role so it is ticked. 

A list of Workgroups associated with that Role is displayed. 


b) Specify the privileges the User requires for the Workgroup to which they belong. 

Member – The User can action work assigned to that Workgroup. 

Supervisor – The User can allocate work to Members within that Workgroup. 

Emails – The User will receive Email notifications about work assigned to that Workgroup. 

Authority – The User can action work up to the dollar value specified. Anything above that will require manager approval. (In this example, the User can action Orders/Invoices up to $100,000 without manager approval.) 

  • A Supervisor must also be a Member of the Workgroup (i.e. tick both boxes). 
  • Make sure the User is added to each Workgroup they belong to within the Role. (E.g. The User may have the Customer Approval Manager Role for more than one Workgroup.)  

6. Repeat step 5 for each Role and Workgroup to which the User belongs. 

In the example below the User has three Roles in the Workgroup “FWG Group 1” and is also a Customer Approval Manager for the Workgroup “FWG Group 2”.  


7. When all the User’s Roles within each Workgroup are defined for this User, click the Update button. 

The changes to the User’s Roles/Workgroups are saved. 

  • Reset – Undo the changes back to the last time you clicked the Update button. 
  • Back to List – Return to the Profile List screen. 
  • Edit Person – Go to the Edit User screen to edit the basic User information. 
WARNING: Make sure any changes are saved (click the Update button) before clicking Edit Person or Back to List. If you do not save, the changes will be lost when you use either of these buttons to go to a different screen. 

8. Once the changes have been saved, click the Back to List button. 

The display returns to the Profile List screen. 

View a User’s Roles: 


9. On the Profile List screen, click View

The View User Profile screen appears. 


The left side of the screen shows the User details. The right side lists roles assigned to this User within each Workgroup. The icon indicates that the role will receive automated email notifications. The icon indicates that the User is a supervisor in this role. The icon indicates that the User is a member (not supervisor) in this role. Dollar amounts in brackets are the limits that the User can action without Manager approval. 

View actions on a User’s account: 


10. On the View User Profile screen, click the View History tab. 

A list of actions applied by Sys Admin to this User’s account is displayed. “User account activated” occurs once the User has been assigned Roles within Workgroups. 


NOTE: The User can still not log in until they are added to a Hierarchy. See topic User to Hierarchy for details.


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