List a User’s Roles (User Profile)


All Users


The System Administrator assigns the Roles and security to the User’s profile. They determine the user’s access rights and the task that they can perform.




  1. On the LPG menu select Users > Find Users.

The User List screen appears.

  1. Enter the search criteria as required.
    (In this example, all Users with the letters “Co” in their Username.)

3. Click the Submit

The User List matching the search criteria is displayed. The Roles column shows which sides of LPG the User has Roles in.

  1. To see what Roles a User has been allocated, click the link under the Roles

A pop-up window lists all the Roles the User has been allocated.

If you wish to view the Roles of other Users, do not click the Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs checkbox.

  1. Click the OK

The display returns to the User List.





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