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Certain documents, when uploaded by the Provider, have been configured to require Client review. Documents will have a status of PENDING highlighted in yellow or red if they require review.


Before you begin

Scenario:  The Provider uploads the document(s). The Documents will show as PENDING until the Client has either Approved or Rejected the Document.



Reviewing Documents for a single Matter

1. On the LPG menu, select Matter > Find Matters

The List Matters screen appears

2. From the List Matters screen

a. Enter your search criteria

b. Click on the Search All Matters that satisfy your search criteria will be displayed in a list at the bottom of the screen.

c. In the Action column for each Matter, click on:

  • Acquire – to assign the Matter to yourself. Clicking on this button will open the Matter screen.
  • Release – to “let go” of a Matter that is assigned to so that another member of your Workgroup can acquire it. Clicking on this button will clear your name from the Matter Owner Column.
  • Action – the Matter is assigned to you. Clicking on this button will open the Matter screen.
  • Takeover – the Matter is assigned to someone else in your Workgroup. Clicking on this button will assign the matter to you and will open the Matter screen.

NOTE:  The Takeover button will only be available if you are configured as a supervisor in your workgroup in LPG.

The Matter screen for the selected Matter is opened.

  • NOTE: The Document Review field in Matter details will display how many documents are pending, overdue, have been rejected, and have been approved

3. Click the Documents tab to view all documents that have been attached to the Matter.

4. The Review Status column in the document list identifies those documents that require review and what the review status is.

Prior to review, the documents have a review status of Pending, which is highlighted in yellow if the target review date is still in the future.  If the target review date has passed, the review status will be highlighted in red.  This action is now OVERDUE.

5. Click View to open a copy of document or Download to download a copy of the document to your computer to review it.

6. To view details about the document and perform management functions, click the arrow icon next to the document. The Document details are displayed. 

7. If the Document requires review and the user has the Document Review role, the Review tab is in focus

a. The date that the review is meant to be completed by is displayed. If the document hasn’t been reviewed by the Due Date, the review status will be highlighted in red.

b. After reviewing the document, the Reviewer can click on the Approve button if the document is of the expected standard.

c. If the document is not satisfactory, the Reviewer should Reject the document but must provide a reason for the rejection in the Comment field.     

8. A note is written to the Order history detailing the result of the document review.

Using My Work to Identify All Documents Requiring Review

1. Select Worklist > MyWork from the LPG menu.
The MyWork screen appears.

2. Set the following search parameters to find the deliverable documents that require approval:

a. Select “Activity” from the View Entity drop down list.

b. Select the Available to My Workgroup option.

c. Select “Document Review” from the Activity Type drop down list.

The Activity Description drop down list appears.

d. Select “Document Review (Accept/Reject)” from the Activity Description drop down list.

e. Click the Submit

Note: Under Views on the left side of the screen, you will see a Global list. In the Global list there may be a saved report called ‘Documents to review. This can be used to retrieve your list.

3. The worklist of documents requiring review is displayed:

N1 – The Action buttons available to the user for each Document Requiring review.  See topic Worklists for information on the buttons and what they do.
N2 – The filenames of the deliverable documents that are attached to the Orders.
N3 – The name of the User who uploaded the document
N4 – The date that the review should be completed by
N5 – The Order that the document was uploaded against.

  • Clicking on the Action button opens the Order that the document was uploaded against, with the document tab in focus so that you can view the document and then approve or reject it (as described above).

4. After reviewing the document, select Worklist -> My Work from the menu to return to your worklist of Documents Requiring Review. The Document that was just actioned is highlighted. Clicking the Refresh button will remove the reviewed document from the list.

Tips & Troubleshooting

  • NOTE:  Only documents uploaded by Providers require review. Documents of the same type uploaded by the customer will not trigger a review cycle.


  • TIP:  If you wish to find documents for a specific Order or Matter in the list, enter the Order ID in the Order Id search field or the Matter ID in the Matter Id field and press ENTER on your keyboard.


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