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Invoices can be viewed and printed even if they are currently with the Provider. This function does not allow actioning of the Invoice by the Customer (approve/reject, place on hold etc.).



This procedure describes how to use the Find Invoice function to open a view–only copy of an Invoice and print it. See Related Topics for details on how to action the Invoice.

To find the Invoice:

  1. On the LPG menu select Invoices > Find Invoices.

The List Invoices screen appears.

  • N1 – By default, the Issued From Date field in the search filters is set to six months before the current date. This prevents the user from accidentally starting a search for all Invoices in the system, which may return a huge volume of results. Be aware that you may need to clear this date in order to set up your required search criteria.

  • N2 - There are two types of Invoice that can be generated within LPG:
  • Tax invoice
  • RCTI – Recipient Created Tax Invoice
  • N3 – To reset any drop down list, select the blank line at the top of the list. For example, selecting the blank line on Invoice Type means the search will find all types of invoice. 

  1. Fill in criteria to find the required Invoice(s).

Typically, you might fill in the Invoice # or Purchase Order No to find a specific Invoice or Issued Date From to see all Invoices after a certain date.

The following example shows how to search for all Invoices associated with a particular Matter:

a) Click the Search icon next to LPG No.

The Pick Matter window opens.

b) To search by LPG No, fill in the LPG No (or part of it) and press ENTER (or scroll down and click the Search button).

A list of Matters with matching LPG Nos is displayed in the search screen.

c) Click the Select button next to the required Matter.

Do not click the LPG No link (N4). This will go to the Matter screen so you are no longer in the Find Invoice function


The Pick Matter window closes.

  • N5 - The LPG No is entered into the Find Invoice screen.

d) Click the Search

The list of Invoices associated with the specified Matter are displayed below the Search button.

  1. Click the View button next to the required Invoice.

 A view-only copy of the Invoice appears.


To print the Invoice, do the following:

  1. Click the Print

The Invoice Print Preview window opens.

  1. Click the Print

If your computer is set up to access a printer, the invoice is printed on that printer.

  1. Click the Close

The Invoice Print Preview window closes and the display returns to the Tax Invoice screen.


  1. Click the Back

The List Invoices screen appears with the list of Invoices that you can view.

Tips & Troubleshooting

The Invoice can also be accessed by finding and opening the Matter. You can then go to the Engagement tab (N4) or the Invoices tab to see the Invoices associated with the Matter.

  • N5 - Click the Action button to go to the Invoice.


NOTE: The Find Invoices function (N1) is a useful search tool however it only allows you to view and print the submitted Invoice. You cannot use this function to action the Invoice.










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