Viewing CAD files

ConSol Mobile enables users to avoid printing design documentation by making them available on smart phones and tablets. In most cases, iPhone, iPad or iPod owners will be able to view and edit the documents provided to complete the task at hand. Autocad design files (commonly, .DWF or .DWG files) will require an additional application to open the file on the smart device.

Install Autodesk A360

Go to the Apple App Store and download the A360 app. It's free and only requires users to register basic details. Find it here.


Ensure that the user registration in A360 occurs prior to opening a CAD file in ConSol Mobile. Failure to do so will result in the file not opening successfully.


Download CAD files from ConSol Mobile

Once A360 is installed and the user registration is complete, open the Documents tab on a job in ConSol Mobile. Click on the file to be opened and select 'Import with A360' from the options available.

The user will then be prompted to select a location in A360 to store the document. Select a folder and then click 'Save'.

Voila! The CAD drawing will appear in all its glory.

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