Closing a Matter


To perform this procedure, you need ALL of the following roles:

Matter Manager + Contract Administrator + Document Reviewer


Once a matter is finished it should be closed in the system.

Before you begin


1. On the LPG menu, select Matter > Find Matters

The List Matters screen appears

2. In the List Matters screen,

a. Enter your search criteria to find the matter(s) to be closed.
b. Click on the Search All Matters that satisfy your search criteria will be displayed in a list at the bottom of the screen.
c. In the Action column for each Matter, click on:

i. Acquire – to assign the Matter to yourself. Clicking on this button will open the Matter screen.
ii. Release – to “let go” of a Matter that is assigned to you, so that another member of your Workgroup can acquire it. Clicking on this button will clear your name from the Matter Owner Column.
iii. Action – the Matter is assigned to you. Clicking on this button will open the Matter screen.
iv. Takeover – the Matter is assign to someone else in your Workgroup. Clicking on this button will assign the matter to you and will open the Matter screen.

NOTE:  The Takeover button will only be available if you are configured as a supervisor in your workgroup in LPG.

The Matter screen for the selected Matter is opened.

3. In the Matter screen, scroll down the bottom.

a. Click on the Update Matter Details button
The Update Matter screen appears

4. In the Matter Update screen,

a. Matter details are displayed
b. In the Matter Status field, change the selection from ACTIVE to Closed Matter.
c. Click on the Update

If all closure validations have been successful, you will be taken back to the Matter screen.
If a validation fails, a message will be displayed and the Matter status will revert to ACTIVE.

Tips & Troubleshooting

Before attempting to close a Matter, check the following:

  • All Engagements within the Matter are either Cancelled or Closed. This can be seen on the Engagements tab of the Matter.
  • Any mandatory Provider Performance or Client Satisfaction surveys have been completed. This can be seen on the Surveys tab of the Matter.



1. Locate the Matter that you wish to Close

2. Click on the Surveys tab of the Matter.

3. Click on the Survey link in the Action column of the Start a New Survey for  table

4. The survey opens. Please complete the survey ensuring your responses are a fair and reasonable evaluation of  the services provided by the Legal Firm with regards to the current Matter only.


5. Once the survey has been completed, it will be displayed in the Survey list

6. You can see the responses on a Completed survey by clicking on the View link.

7. If you complete more than one survey for the Legal Firm, click on the Disregard link so that the values from the unrequired survey will be ignored.

REMEMBER:  A Survey needs to be completed for every completed Engagement on the Matter



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