Action a Rejected Invoice


Provider Operations


When a Customer rejects an Invoice, it returns to the Provider for further action.


1. On the LPG menu select Worklist > All.

The My Worklist Summary appears.

2. Scroll down to the Invoices section and click Invoices Rejected By Customer.

NOTE: If there are no rejected invoices (Count is 0), you cannot click on the link.

The list of Invoices rejected by the Customer appears.

3. Click the Action button next to the Invoice you wish to action.

The Invoice Rejected by Customer screen appears with the Invoice Items tab selected.
The Reject reason shows the reason why the Customer rejected the Invoice (in red text).

4. Scroll to the bottom of the rejected Invoice and enter a response in the Cancel Message

This field must be filled in.

 At this point take either of the following actions to continue:

  • Cancel the invoice and resubmit the claim (step 5 below) – Only available for Final Claim submissions
  • Cancel the Invoice without further action (step 6 below).


5. To resubmit the Claim:

a. Click Cancel Invoice – Resubmit Claim.
A warning pop-up message appears.

b. Click the OK
The Submit Claim screen appears ready for the Claim to be edited as required and resubmitted for Customer approval. See topic Claim for Payment on an Engagement for more details.

If you do not resubmit the Claim immediately, it can be found later in the Work Completed – Docket not Yet Submitted Worklist.

  • WARNING: The following action cancels the invoice. No further action can be taken on this Invoice.  If this action has been taken in error, you will need to submit a new claim.  In some cases, the customer may need to revert the Order to Work In Progress to enable a new claim to be submitted. An example of a valid reason to cancel the Invoice is if the Invoice was unintentionally processed twice (first as a part-payment and again as a final payment). In this case the second Invoice should be cancelled and a $0 final claim submitted.

6. To cancel the Invoice without further action:
a. Click the Cancel Invoice – No Further Action button.

A warning pop-up message appears.

b. Click the OK

The Invoice is cancelled.


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