Recall an Invoice which is not yet Submitted


Client: Accounts, Provider: Operations + Accounts


The Provider has submitted a Claim (which generates an Invoice) but has not yet submitted the Invoice to the Client for approval. The Provider realizes the Claim is incorrect and needs to modify it.

Before you begin

There are two different procedures for returning the Invoice back to the control of the Provider:

1. If the Invoice has not yet been submitted or if the submitted invoice has been recalled, the Client needs to recall the automated approval of the claim so that the Provider can recall the claim to change it (described in this user guide).

2. If the Invoice has been submitted to the Client for approval, the Client needs to reject the Invoice (see user guide Approve / Reject an Invoice for details).

  • If the Invoice has over-charged the Client, it is more efficient for the Provider to raise a Credit Note rather than recalling the Invoice. See user guide Submit a Credit Note for details.



  • If the Client has already processed the Invoice, you cannot recall it.
  • If the invoice was for a progress payment, recalling the Invoice will cause the Invoice and Payment Claim to be deleted from the Engagement. If this is done, a new Payment Claim needs to be created.


Task 1 (ACTION BY THE PROVIDER) – Find Order number:

Even though the Invoice is not yet submitted, the Provider cannot make any changes to it. The Provider needs to contact the Client with the Order ID of the Engagement Order and request that the associated Invoice be recalled. Once this has been done, the Provider can then recall the claim so that it can be changed. 

To find the Order ID of the Engagement, the Provider needs to do the following:

1. Find and open the Matter with which the Engagement is associated. (In the example shown above the Find Matter menu option has been used.)

The Matter screen appears.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the Engagement tab (N1), find the Invoice with Status “NOT YET SUBMITTED” (N2) and click the Action button.

N3 – While the Invoice is in the NOT YET SUBMITTED status, it has no Invoice number. Thus, you cannot find it on the Invoices tab or using the Find Invoices function on the LPG menu.

The Submit Invoice screen appears.

3. Take note of the Order # (N4) with which this Invoice is associated then click the Matter link to return to the Matter (N5 - DO NOT click the Submit button.)


Task 2 (ACTION BY THE CLIENT) – Recall the Invoice:

Once the Provider has informed the Client of the Order number, the Client can recall the associated Invoice as follows:

1. Select Worklist > Search Invoices from the menu.

The Search Invoices Worklist screen appears.

2. Enter the Order No with which the Invoice is associated.

3. Click the Search button.

The list of Invoice Worklists is displayed.

  • NOTE: If the Requests For Invoice (View Only) text is grey and Count = 0, there are no unsubmitted Invoices. In this case you cannot complete this procedure.

4. Click Requests For Invoice (View Only).

The My Worklist – Requests For Invoice (View Only) screen appears.

5. Click the Action button next to the specified Order number (N1).

The View Invoice screen appears.

6. Click the Recall button. 

The Verify Claim or Verify Payment Claim screen appears.

NOTE: The Verify Claim and Verify Payment Claim screens are usually not seen because verification and approval of the Provider claim is automated.

7. No further action is required by the Client.Click the Matter link to navigate away from this screen. 

  • N2DO NOT click any of the action buttons on the Verify Payment Claim screen.

The display returns to the Matter screen.

N3 - On the Engagement tab it can be seen that the Invoice has moved from the INVOICE(S) list and is now on the PAYMENT CLAIM(S) list.

8. Contact the Provider and inform them that you have recalled the Invoice.


Task 3 (ACTION BY THE PROVIDER) – Recall the Payment Claim:

Once the Client has recalled the Invoice back to the Claim stage (as described in Task 2 above), the Provider can recall the Claim as follows:

1. Select Worklist > Search Orders from the menu.

The My Worklist - Summary Orders screen appears.

2. Select Payment claim submitted for Approval (View Only) for Part Payment claims or Work Completed – Docket Submitted for Approval (View Only) for Final Payment claims

  • NOTE: Items only appear in this Worklist if they have been explicitly recalled by the Client. If the text is grey and Count = 0, the Client has not yet recalled the Invoice.

 The My Worklist – Payment Claim Submitted For Approval (View Only) screen appears.

3. Click the Action button.

The View Order screen appears.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the View Order screen and click the Recall button.

5. If this was a final payment claim, you have the option to now either update the claim and resubmit, or select ‘Work Not Complete’ to cancel the whole claim and revert the Engagement order back to ‘Order In Progress’. Part payment claims will not be taken to this screen. 


NOTE: If the recalled Invoice was for a part Payment Claim, the order remains at ORDER IN PROGRESS (N1). You can now open the Engagement Order and make a new Payment Claim (N2) or submit a Final Claim by marking the order as Work Complete (N3), as described in the following topics:


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