Accept / Refuse Engagement & Deliverable Orders


Provider Allocation


The Client has transmitted an Engagement Order and/or Deliverable Orders to the Provider.  There may be an SLA requirement on the Provider to respond the Engagement offer within a given time.


This user guide covers the following topics:

  • Accept Engagement and Deliverable Orders;
  • Refuse an Order;
  • Accept all Orders associated with a Matter;
  • Undo the acceptance of an Order;
  • Locating accepted Orders.

To find the Order that needs to be accepted (or refused), do the following:

1. On the LPG menu, select Worklist > My Work.

The My Work screen appears.

2. If there is a View to display Orders Not Yet Accepted (e.g. “Orders not yet accepted/Overdue”), click it.

NOTE: Views are easily created and named. The Views you see may be different from this example. See the topic Save and use My Work Views.

3. If there is no relevant View (as specified in step 2), enter the required search criteria then click the Submit

  • N1 – Select “Order” from the View Entity drop down list;
  • N2 - Select Available to My Resource (since the work is not specifically assigned to you yet);
  • N3 - Select “NOT YET ACCEPTED” and “OVERDUE ACCEPTANCE” from the Status list
    (see note below);
  • N4 – Optionally include a date range in the Task Created From and Task Created To fields to reduce the volume of results.


  • NOTE: To select multiple items from a list (e.g. the Status list), hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click each item on the list that you want to select. 

The list of Orders that haven’t been accepted yet is displayed.

N5 - In the example shown below, there is an Engagement Order and an Order for a deliverable document (“Advice”) associated with this Matter.

N6 - Typically the Engagement Order and any associated Deliverable Orders will have consecutive Order numbers.

  • IMPORTANT: Take note of the date/time the Orders were transmitted (N7 - Task Created Date). The final column in the list shows when the order had to be responded to by. Make sure you respond before the deadline to avoid a negative impact on your rating with the Client.
  • NOTE: The columns displayed and the order of columns is customisable. See topic Customise My Work Result Table for details.
  • NOTE: The Orders can be accepted one at a time or all together. If accepting the Orders one at a time, the Engagement Order must be accepted first before any other Orders associated with the Matter. See the Tips & Troubleshooting section at the end of this document for information on accepting all Orders together.

4. Click the Action (or Acquire) button next to the Engagement Order. The Accept Order screen appears with the details of the Engagement Order displayed.

N8 -  Take note of how long you have to accept the Order (Acceptance Within in the Order banner).

N9 -  Take note of the budget allocation for this Engagement (Approved $). If the Approved $ = $0.00, the Client has left it to the Provider to determine the cost of the Order. In this case (or if the allocated budget is insufficient), the Provider must submit a Budget Variation Request. See topic Request a Budget Variation for important information about the timing of variation requests.

There are various actions that can be performed in relation to the Order at this point.

To Accept the Engagement, do the following:

  • NOTE: Key Personnel must be allocated for the Engagement Order and for each of the Deliverable Orders before the orders can be accepted. The Client may have already specified the Key Personnel. In this case the Client selections should be checked. The Provider can change the Key Personnel allocation, if required.


5. To allocate the Key Personnel, do the following:

a. Click the Key Personnel

The Key Personnel fields are displayed.

  • NOTE: If the Client has already selected the Key Personnel and they do not need to be changed, skip the rest of step 5. 

b. Click the Search icon .

The Pick Key Person window opens.

c. Select the person’s name in the Key Person

N10 - Now that the Key Person is selected, the Alternative Key Person list is displayed.

  • NOTE: If the required name is not on the list, it is likely the person has not been approved with the Client for this Area of Law on the Engagement. See topic Add and Manage Key Personnel for details. 


d. If desired, select the name of an alternative person to handle the Engagement from the Alternative Key Person

e. Click the Submit

The Pick Key Person window closes and the display returns to the Accept Order screen.

N11 - The names of the selected personnel are displayed.

  • NOTE: If the names are not displayed, press the F5 key on your keyboard to refresh the display. The screen may switch back to the Items tab. If so, click the Key Personnel tab again to check that the names of the allocated personnel are displayed. 

6. Once the Key Personnel are selected, you can accept the Engagement Order by clicking the Accept button or the Accept and Continue

  • NOTE: The Accept button will return you to the screen that you opened the Order from whilst the Accept and Continue button will take you to the Work in Progress screen of the Accepted order.

The Accepted Order confirmation screen appears.

7. Click the Save and Continue

The Order in Progress screen appears if you clicked on the Accept and Continue button. The Client receives notification that the Engagement Order has been accepted. The Engagement has now moved to Status WORK IN PROGRESS - OPEN.

8. Click the Matter

N12 - The Matter screen appears with the Engagement tab selected.

  • IMPORTANT: Even though the Engagement Order has been accepted and moved to Status WORK IN PROGRESS - OPEN (N13), the Deliverable Orders associated with the Matter are at Status OVERDUE ACCEPTANCE (N14).

9. Each of the Deliverable Orders associated with the Matter needs to be actioned and accepted following the same steps as for the Engagement Order (described above).

N15 - Only when all Deliverable Orders show Order Status “WORK IN PROGRESS – OPEN” has all work associated with the Matter been accepted by the Provider.


To refuse the Order, do the following:

1. Scroll down to the bottom of the Accept Order screen and enter a Reason for refusing the Order.

2. Click the Refuse

The Client is notified of the refusal so they can allocate the Engagement to a different Provider.


Tips & Troubleshooting

  • N1 - Typically the Reject Unless Variations Agreed function is not used by LPG Providers. Use this option if clarification is required or changes need to be made to the Order before you can accept it. Variation requests made after the Order has been accepted are used to request a budget variation. See topic Request a Budget Variation for details.


Accepting All Orders Together

Instead of accepting each of the Orders within the Matter individually, you can do the following to accept them all together:

1. If not already allocated, allocate the Key Personnel for the Engagement Order and each of the Deliverable Orders.

2. Return to the Matter screen and tick the Accept check box next to each Deliverable Order.

Typically, they are already ticked by default.

3. Click the Accept All

The Engagement Order and all associated Deliverable Orders are accepted and moved to status WORK In PROGRESS – OPEN.


Undo the Acceptance of an Order

It is possible to undo the acceptance of an Order by clicking the Unaccept Order button (N1) from the Order in Progress screen. This action returns the Order to the ”NOT YET ACCEPTED” Status.

  • NOTE: If a Claim for Payment has already been submitted for the Engagement Order, the unaccept option is no longer available.
  • IMPORTANT: After “unaccepting” the Order, it is still allocated to the same Provider. Not accepting within the designated time limit (N2) may negatively impact your company’s star rating with the Client. To avoid this negative impact, the Provider can request the Client to recall the Order. An Order recalled by the Client, as long as it is recalled within the designated time limit, does not impact the Providers rating.
    (Factors influencing the Provider star rating are specified on the Provider’s Contract with the Client. See topic Star Rating Overview & Calculation for more information.)


Locating Accepted Orders.

N3 - You can search for accepted Orders in My Work by selecting Status = “WORK IN PROGRESS - OPEN”.  

Alternatively, you can access a list of accepted Orders using the Worklist function as follows:

1. On the LPG menu select Worklist > All.

The My Worklist - Summary screen appears.

2. Scroll down to the Orders section and click Work In Progress.

A list of all Orders at status Work In Progress is displayed.

Or you can use the Find Matters by Orders function as follows:

1. On the LPG menu select Orders > Find Matter by Orders.

The Find Matter by Order Details screen appears.

2. In the Order Status field, scroll down and click on Work In Progress - Open.

A list of all Matters with Orders at status Work In Progress is displayed.

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